Recreating Architecture

I remember being a little kid playing with LEGO’s. I would only build houses mostly planning layouts. Sometime around middle school it occurred to me and my family architecture might make a great major. Math was one of the few subject I excelled at. I ended up taking advanced calculus classes in high school. I even picked the University of Hawaii for their 7 year architecture program (well and the beach). By the time I actually made it to school I switched to marine biology and by the end of the first semester I was a dance major. My love of floor plans and architecture may have not become a career but is something I still love. So being able to bring that to a crochet project was beyond fun and a new challenge.

Little side note if I ever did go back to school it would be for interior design. I’m working on convincing my husband we need to build a house just so I can plan the layout. I have a huge pet peeve of wasted space and energy flows are extremely important

Back to crochet. Crocheting a building really is a puzzle. It’s a matter of breaking down the building into pieces and shapes. Crocheting them and piecing back together. The church I recently recreated is the best example of this.

Here is the church

I started with making the foundation

Then added walls

Next up created the details such as windows and doors. I start with what would be the glass. Then add trim. Outside edge is usually a single crochet then I embroider through the glass with a backstitch to add detail.

Then I guess you would call it a dropped ceiling. The piece isn’t seen in the finished piece but helps support the stuffing.

Then the roof

The entire project is almost all single crochet with a few half double, doubles, and triples for shaping arches.

This pieced ended up being huge but I know very special for the family that ordered it.

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Doll Making

She believe she could be anything. I absolutely love making dolls. Just the simplest doll form can be turned into any character or person. I really enjoy this doll form from

From here possibilities are endless. You can even use colors in this stage to create a body suit or underwear. Such as these super heros who needed to have spandex like bodysuits.

Next is hair and face. For this short bob, I felt she needed ears. I do not normally do ears, but it was a nice extra touch.

Ear pattern

Magic ring 6 single crochet

Do not close, chain 1 turn

Half double crochet in the next 2 stitches, single crochet in next 3, slip stitch in last

Close off with long enough string to see ear to doll

Close magic ring

Sew half double side up

Next up clothing

This doll is created in the likeness of Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service. I did a dress, shoes, bow, and purse. While she was an order and I do not watch anime, it was fun to remember things from the Japanese pop culture class I took in college.

Every girl needs a sidekick like Jiji the cat and who doesn’t want to fly around on a broom

While she was an order and I do not watch anime, it was fun to remember things from the Japanese pop culture class I took in college.

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little turkey crafts

Showing love through yarn

Well I have made another full circle around the sun and as I celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday I think about how I’m ending this year with a bang. My business exploded in just 3 1/2 months. I have met many of my goals and then some. So this seems like the perfect time to launch my blog. I had not even planned to do one this year but everything just fell into place. So here it is something light and only half about crochet.

When I taught yoga I always wanted to theme a class or series around love languages. Then I realized the touch love language would probably require well you know touching. A back history here touch is my second lowest scoring love language I am not touchy feely (acts of service being the highest). My family always gave me a hard time about giving terrible hugs. My friends currently make fun of me and threaten hugs. My husband and Louisa happen to have touch as their highest scoring love language. It’s tough to say the least. So that yoga class never happened. But I continue to research love languages for my family

The other day I realized my yarn obsession actually hits all the love languages. Listed the the order they ranked for me

Acts of service- the act of crocheting for others

Words of affirmation- this is more on the receiving only end. But who doesn’t love hearing how talented they are

Quality time- I get quality time doing something I love and others know I spent quality time thinking of them

Touch- well most yarn is super soft. I love snuggling skeins, cakes, and hanks. Others love snuggling the things I made them. Might be one reason I love making dolls and loveys it’s like letting that person snuggle a piece of my soul without me actually having to touch them

Gifts- making handmade special gifts for everyone

So really crochet is how I show and receive love and even let people kinda hug me

Thanks for reading! More to come soon!

– happily written by Parrish